Industries we serve


TORSA serves the following industries :

  • Aggregate Crushing & Screening for Road and Infrastructure Industry

  • Lime Stone Crushing & Screening for Cement Industry

  • Iron Ore Crushing & Screening for Steel Industry

  • Coal Crushing & Screening for Power Industry

Torsa serves the Rock and Mineral Industries in India and aspires to reach out to the Global market with its Mineral Processing Solutions.

India has vast reserves of Non- Ferrous & Ferrous minerals including Basalt, Granite, Limestone, Iron ore, Manganese, Chromites, Copper, Lead, Sulphur, Zinc, Gold, Platinum, Diamond etc and the utilization of these minerals is increasing by the day and adding to the unprecedented growth of the Indian Economy- thanks to better and newer technologies available for Mineral Mining and Processing Industry.

The Road and Infrastructure development is on an all time high and the requirement of Infrastructural development material has increased many folds over the last 10 years. All industries like Steel, Power and Infrastructure are witnessing growth leading to requirement of mineral processing equipment. 

Torsa stands poised to make great headways and grow form strength to strength with its varied solutions and expertise in/for the Mineral processing Industry.