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With reference to rock-on-rock crushing, the MIV series vertical impact crusher manufactured by Minyu can easily fulfill customer’s strict requirements on product quality and gradation. Many years of experience and technical skill make the MIV vertical impact crusher known worldwide for its excellent cost-effect-ratio, long service life and superior performance. Referring to design, operation and maintenance, the Minyu MIV vertical impact crusher shows less abrasion, longer maintenance intervals, shorter service times, better performance and higher productivity, compared to other crushers.

Approximate GA

Product Gradation Curve

Salient Features

Sturcture : 

  • New, special and simple structure and has smooth operation along with low operating cost.

  • Quick exchange between “rock-on-rock” and “rock-on-iron” applications. Only one machine is needed for crushing and sand production. “Rock-on-rock” technology reduces parts wear and production cost.

  • Low energy consumption & high production. High crushing ratio & energy saving.

  • Re-shaping function: product shows cubical form & high bulk density.

  • During production, stone material forms a protective layer, which protects the machine from wear and enhances durability.

  • Few abrasive parts are made of special hard wearing resistant material, for small volume, low weight and convenience during exchange.

  • The automatic air circulation system reduces dust and powder.

  • Little influence of material’s moisture content, which can reach up to 8%.

  • A lubrication oil station with an oil pump for circulatory lubrication of the main shaft bearing ensures constant oil supply to the main machine, as well as automatic control and accident alert.

  • The upper lid can be lifted via a hydraulic system enabling easy operation.

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